Minneapolis Burlesque Club

The Best Burlesque Club in the Twin Cities

Take your seat for a show like no other…

You’re about to see the hottest exotic dancers in the state displaying their sexiest moves…

With a glass of fine liquor or one of our designer cocktails to keep you refreshed…

And your favorite classic bar foods, freshly prepared by our chefs, delivered to your table…

And let’s not forget the party after the show.

After all, that’s where you get to see the REALLY good stuff.

Spearmint Rhino is putting on the most seductive burlesque show in Minneapolis tonight — be there!

An evening of unmissable topless dances and adult entertainment!

What happens at a burlesque show? Well — that depends on where you’re watching it.

A regular burlesque show features risque performances and elaborate, exotic dance routines. But an adult burlesque show?

That’s a whole other thing.

Girls with moves to take your breath away…

What our burlesque nights have in common with a regular show is that you’ll be enjoying the talents of incredibly skilled performers.

That means super-sexy dance routines.

It means stunning costumes.

It means dance moves that’ll put your jaw on the floor.

The difference in an adult burlesque show is that EVERYTHING goes on show. We’re not just talking risque — we’re talking about full topless dances from the hottest girls you’ve ever seen.

Of course, the tease is all part of the act. And you can expect a LOT of teasing.

That’s why you love it, right?

But you won’t be shown the exit wishing you’d had the chance to see more. Not at Spearmint Rhino.

Because anything you didn’t get a good look at during the show is on display when you book VIP lap dances from your favorite burlesque performers.

The night is long. You’re in for a wild time…

First-class cocktails from trained mixologists…

What’s the perfect accompaniment to red-hot adult entertainment?

How about ice-cold drinks prepared by our skilled bar staff?

All your regular favorites are on offer. We run frequent discounts on high-end liquors by the glass or by the bottle — don’t forget to take advantage of our VIP bottle service.

You can also order from our stunning cocktail menu. Our cocktails are a point of pride at our Minneapolis adult club, and our bartenders don’t do second-best.

Request popular favorites with a twist or discover a new pleasure while being treated to a sensational topless burlesque show!

Delicious food prepared by our chefs…

Fancy a bite? Don’t worry about finding a place serving food nearby late in the evening. Our chefs are already taking care of it.

Our kitchen is open late and our professional team will be delighted to prepare all your favorite strip club food classics, plus unique Rhino dishes and treats to keep you satisfied!

Never miss a moment of the show. Have first-class food delivered to your table, sit back, and enjoy!

And the naughtiest burlesque show in Minneapolis!

Whether you’re new to exotic dance or a seasoned burlesque lover, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Our nude performers have their erotic dance routines down to a fine art. You’ll see daring moves that show off their gorgeous bodies in ways you’d never imagined.

Our adult burlesque nights are all about living life on the wild side. You won’t want to miss a moment of the action — come on down tonight!

What to Expect at an Adult Burlesque Nightclub

If it’s your first time at a burlesque club in Minneapolis, you’ve chosen the perfect venue!

Spearmint Rhino doesn’t deal in disappointment — here’s what you can look forward to…

Topless dances from talented adult entertainers

We have the hottest strippers in the state — and they’re also seriously talented exotic dancers and performers.

Prepare for jaw-dropping dance moves and a great view of our nude entertainers from every angle!

A more sensual night than your average strip club in Minneapolis

We love putting on burlesque nights because we know our guests love a girl with flair.

Sure, our girls have curves that’ll put a prayer on your lips and a flutter in your heart.

But they also have razor-sharp personalities and that naughty spark in their eyes that just drives you wild…

Private VIP lap dances from all your favorite nude dancers!

…and you’ll get the chance to see that spark right up close and personal, along with a whole lot more of your favorite burlesque artists!

Arrange a VIP lap dance in our luxurious private suites for some VERY personal attention!

Booking a VIP Burlesque Show

Planning an event? You may not have considered a VIP burlesque show — but a night of risque adult entertainment from our talented burlesque performers is an unforgettable time.

Why not transform your bachelor party into the sexiest night of the groom-to-be’s life and show him what he’ll be missing?

Or put on a truly seductive show for a VIP guest, with personal attention from the hottest exotic dancers in Minneapolis

Contact us to start planning your event now!

Let Us Entertain You…

Call your friends. Plans have changed for the better…

The best Minneapolis burlesque club is putting on a sensual show tonight, and you’re all on the guest list.

Grab your table now!

Minneapolis Burlesque Club: FAQ

What is the difference between cabaret and burlesque?

Cabaret is a blend of comedy, music, and risque dance performances that may include burlesque elements. Meanwhile, a burlesque night is more focused on carefully choreographed sensual dance routines and may also include some comedy.

What happens at a burlesque show?

Burlesque dancers often dress in highly detailed, provocative costumes and showcase elaborate dance routines for an audience seated at tables. Many burlesque shows don’t feature full nudity, but adult burlesque performances include topless exotic dances.

Is burlesque similar to drag?

Burlesque and drag shows have similar elements, such as:

  • Elaborate costumes and make-up
  • Provocative, risque dance routines
  • Some comedy elements
  • Audience interaction (this depends on the show)

Adult burlesque shows are often more overtly sexual than drag shows, which include plenty of adult humor but are less likely to feature full nudity.

What is the story behind burlesque?

Burlesque originated in the 19th Century as a type of satire. Provocative costumes and adult humor were used to ridicule popular entertainment such as the theater and opera as well as contemporary social issues.