Minneapolis Topless Cabaret

Unmissable Evening of Adult Entertainment…

Spearmint Rhino proudly welcomes you to the sexiest show in the Twin Cities!

We’re putting on an unmissable night of topless entertainment at our cabaret men’s club tonight, and we want YOU to be our special guest.

Bring your friends. Bring your partner. Bring a VIP guest from out of town — our girls are undressed to impress!

Our adult cabaret shows are the perfect blend of fantastic music, filthy humor, and knockout performances by the most talented nude models in the state.

Come down to Spearmint Rhino tonight!

The best cabaret show in town is hotting up…

Traditional cabaret shows toe the line. A gentlemen cabaret show at Spearmint Rhino walks a tightrope — and sometimes things fall off!

Those things are mostly items of clothing. It’s really unfortunate for our adult performers that this keeps happening!

The longer the show goes on, the more you’ll see! And it doesn’t stop there — stick around to find out what you can enjoy after the performance…

Sample sumptuous cocktails and sparkling entertainment…

Our Minneapolis cabaret nights are the complete package. That means both putting on a sensational evening of adult entertainment AND taking great care of you!

Our food is first-class — check out our nightly specials and never miss a moment of the action. Meanwhile, our extensive cocktail menu is designed and prepared by the finest bartenders in the Twin Cities.

Find your new favorite drink while enjoying hours of topless entertainment. Share delicious snacks with your friends while you watch the hottest show in town.

Come on down and join the fun!

Filthy jokes and fine girls…

Our cabaret performances are complete with hilarious comedy performances from our talented adult entertainers.

Look forward to plenty of slapstick humor, dirty jokes aplenty, and jaw-dropping exotic dances at our Minneapolis cabaret night.

Our performances combine risque comedy with deeply erotic entertainment from the most beautiful strippers you’ve ever laid eyes on.

After all, when that special girl’s body gets your heart racing and her razor-sharp personality has you on the hook, you KNOW you’ve got to see a little more…

…and the show doesn’t end at our adult cabaret!

The fun doesn’t stop when the curtain falls at Spearmint Rhino! After our cabaret show, you’ll have the opportunity to book a VIP lap dance from that girl who has been teasing you all evening.

We think it’s deeply unfair that at traditional cabaret shows, you’re always left wanting to see a little more. A private dance in a VIP suite is how we fix that problem!

Come and join the party now!

The Gentlemen’s Cabaret Difference

Shows at our cabaret men’s club are truly for the gentlemen…

Adult cabaret shows at Spearmint Rhino are about tease and reward.

The tease is the excitement that builds up during the show. Our talented adult performers show off their moves and raunchy routines on stage — it’s a great night out to enjoy with your friends.

The reward is what follows after the show. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a special girl all evening — now you have the chance to book a VIP lap dance and see everything you’ve been waiting to see!

This option just isn’t available at traditional cabaret shows. We never leave our guests out in the cold — come book a private dance in one of our luxury VIP suites now!

Make Your Event an Evening of VIP Cabaret in Minneapolis!

Are you putting on a special event? Our adult cabaret performers are ready to make it that little bit extra-special…

A VIP cabaret performance gives you the chance to enjoy the show up close and personal. And it gets even more personal after that!

Our VIP adult cabaret nights are perfect for…

  • Bachelor parties & bachelorette parties. Let us put on a show with the lucky guy or girl to be at the center of the evening’s adult entertainment! Expect some filthy marriage-themed humor from topless girls who will REALLY let you know what you’ll be missing, private dances, VIP drinks service, and more!
  • Birthday parties and celebrations. Treat a special someone in your life to a memorable night of sensual fun! Our adult birthday parties are legendary — contact us to find out what we can do for you!
  • Entertaining business guests. Want to show some special guests from out of town a good time? A VIP cabaret night is the perfect treat. Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em smile, treat ‘em with a bottle of high-end liquor poured by a stunning topless model and a private dance!

Come On Down to the Hottest Show in Town!

Our topless girls are putting on an unmissable night of entertainment.

You and your buddies are looking for the hottest night in town.

Come down to our gentleman’s cabaret show tonight and let us show you a good time!

Minneapolis Cabaret Club Near Me: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cabaret and a gentlemen’s club?

Traditional cabaret typically doesn’t feature full nudity, while entertainment at a private gentlemen’s club certainly does! The main show at an adult cabaret often features topless performances, while VIP lap dances are also available after the main show.

What is an adult cabaret?

Adult cabaret shows are quite like regular cabaret performances — they typically feature risque humor, musical acts, and provocative costumes. The difference is that they also include topless performances and exotic private dances from the cabaret girls!

What happens in cabaret clubs?

Bespoke cabaret clubs are quite rare today. However, some bars and adult venues may put on weekly cabaret nights.

Guests watch the show at tables and enjoy adult humor, exotic dances, musical numbers, and sometimes nude or topless entertainment at a cabaret men’s club.

What is a cabaret party?

A cabaret party is a type of entertainment at bachelor parties, birthday parties, and other celebrations.

It usually takes place at a cabaret club and includes a private show that may be themed around the event (e.g. a bachelor cabaret party will usually feature jokes around weddings and marriage).