• Hair Color: Black
  • Likes: Hanging off the ceiling, kittens, fun boat facts
  • Dislikes: Rum, small talk, chimpanzees
  • Interested In: BDSM and cake
  • Playlist: Switching between sea shanties to clean to and latin hip hop to shake ass. Classic rock is my preferred stage, but that's up to the will of the DJ.
  • Work Schedule: Who knows! Just ask Noah to text me, I'm probably just playing video games in my underwear anyways. (Usually Sunday and Monday)

  • BIO
    If a stripper talked really fast, it was probably me. DnD nerd, weeb, history dork, walking safety hazard. Will recommend golf courses in Ireland. Want a good foot rub? I've got you. I have a snake tongue. Literally. For those in the know: bratty switch

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