• Hair Color: Brown, gold, red
  • Likes: Traveling, shopping,find dining, Animals adventure, and learning
  • Dislikes: Rude attitudes
  • Interested In: I am interested in learning more about the stock market I’ve been trying to also learn how to play golf I’m also interested in getting my realtors license into other states
  • Playlist: “Brown Liquor” - Robin Thicke, “Theme Changes” - Thundercat, “Breathe” - Ne-Yo, and basically anything Michael Jackson or Prince related
  • Work Schedule: Are usually work weekdays Monday through Thursday unless we plan to get together

  • BIO
    You can find me flying through the sky on stage or sitting at the bar or at one of our tables. When I’m off stage I can be quiet and reserved on stage I’m explosive both places I’m intoxicating I’m very generous with my touch & I enjoy laughter and good conversation when I’m sitting enjoying our time together my preferred drink is clase Azul reposado with a pineapple back and a lime and lemon i’m very knowledgeable and have a wide range of conversation I’m also very skilled sensually and love seducing I always prefer and value private time over being on stage or in the light of the crowd that is where you get the most out of our experience.

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