• Hair Color: sometimes black, sometimes red
  • Likes: i like high energetic people, i like people who make me laugh, i love compliments andi like hennessy love it actually.
  • Dislikes: i don’t like my time wasted. i dislike nonchalant people, i’m a sweetheart so when people act like they don’t care about something or don’t have a heart in certain situations it’s ugly to me. i don’t like mean girls, i don’t like drama, and i don’t like consistent negativity. i avoid all of those things at all cost.
  • Interested In: i’m a college graduate, i studied marketing at the U, i have a passion for social media and expressing my creativity. i love creating things whether that’s photos, videos, or simple graphics. i genuinely have a passion for things in that area.
  • Playlist: Rap & R&B.
  • Work Schedule: Wednesday-Sunday 10p-3a.

  • BIO
    my name is amber, i’m a south texas gal, many people will say i’m a sweetheart, college graduate, and i also have spiderweb tattoos on my TITTIES! my passion for dancing is more stage and pole work, i like creating and doing things without any rules. you most likely will find me on the stage, with my fav girl London or at the bar sipping on some HENNY!

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